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Stone Launches Next Week!

What's Stone? It's the next Doyle Witch novella in what I guess I'm calling the Necronomicon series. It's book 8 in the series, but it's also part of a 3-novella "grouping" with a its own complete mystery and a continuation of the Necronomicon subplot.

Anyway, it launches July 7th, and you can preorder it here:

A murder. A haunted house. A possessed spell book…

What could go wrong?

Since childhood, Doyle Witch Jayce figured the old stone house was haunted. Turns out, she may have been right.

A string of odd deaths in the house has culminated in murder, and newlywed Jayce is on the case. She is a witch after all. So what if it’s Samhain season, when the veil between the worlds is thin?


But when Jayce finds creepy connections between the old house and the spell book she’s sworn to destroy, she’s plunged into a conspiracy darker than anything mysterious Doyle has thrown at her before. Are supernatural forces at work? Or is Jayce facing a mortal foe?

If you’re a fan of Charlaine Harris, Heather Blake, or Amanda M. Lee, don’t miss Stone, book 8 in The Witches of Doyle cozy mysteries.

This Halloween novella is a witch cozy mystery featuring true-to-life spells in the back of the book, a trio of witchy sisters, and a dash of romance. Stone can be read as a standalone.

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