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Tarot and Numerology

--By Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

Tarot cards, an amethyst geode, and a sage smudge bundle

If you're trying to learn and remember the meaning of Tarot cards, numerology can be a useful place to start. After all, each Tarot card has a number on it.

So here's a short lesson in numerology - the art of divination using numbers and their mystical meanings. Each number holds a significance that can be interpreted through a combination of letters, symbols and other correspondences. Let us delve deeper into this arcane knowledge and unlock its secrets.

The numbers used in numerology range from zero to ten. However, if you encounter a number larger than ten, fear not, for it can be broken down into a single digit by adding the two digits together. The meanings of these numbers vary according to the individual numerologist, but there are generally accepted interpretations.

  • Zero is the embodiment of everything and nothing at once, a concept that may seem paradoxical, but is nevertheless an important aspect of numerology and Tarot.

  • One represents the singular, individual nature of existence, beginnings, creation, ideas, will.

  • Two symbolizes balance and pairs.

  • Communication is embodied by three, as well as expression, creation, fertilization, and growth.

  • Four signifies creation, structure, foundation, and the physical universe..

  • Five represents action, freedom, change, and adventure.

  • Six embodies responsibility, harmony and justice.

  • The mind and thought are associated with seven.

  • Eight represents power, stability, balance and control.

  • Nine is the end of a cycle.

  • Ten signifies the beginning of a new one.

In some cases, numerologists assign special meanings to the prime numbers eleven and twenty-two, which are considered particularly significant and meaningful. As with many things in the world of divination, the interpretation of numerology can be highly subjective, but these meanings provide a solid foundation to build upon.

Numbers have long held a special place in the world of divination, and they can add a depth of meaning to a reading. Many of my psychic colleagues incorporate numerology into their readings, as sometimes they receive messages in the form of numbers. It's a fascinating subject, and one that can help us tap into the mysteries of the universe. Learn more about numerology and other aspects of Tarot in my new Tarot guidebook, The Mysteries of Tarot!

Book cover: The Mysteries of Tarot by Kirsten Weiss
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