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The Ace of Cups: Today's Tea & Tarot Blog

-- By Hyperion Night, of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

Card: Let your intuition guide you. You are what you've been looking for.

Ace of Cups

New love, new relationship, awakening of cosmic consciousness, channel for spirit.

It’s a little depressing how often I’ve drawn this card. Lots of new relationships, not a lot of lasting relationships. Until one day, when the relationship this Tarot card was nudging me toward had nothing to do with romance.

I’d been reading for a couple years by that point. I knew the classic meanings, I could put them together, and I was even starting to do some more intuitive work with clients. I was doing (and still do) my own daily Tarot card reading—just one card. That day, I’d drawn the Ace of Cups. At the time I was excited. Someone new!

But that wasn’t the Tarot's message.

It happened later that day. I was in the hospital with my uncle. We’d been taking him there on an almost weekly basis after he’d had his bladder removed due to cancer. He'd been coming down with one infection after another, with no end in sight.

I was bored, sitting outside the examination room. So I pulled out my Tarot deck and drew a card, the Three of Wands. This particular deck was slightly fantastic. In the card, a man waited at a shore while a ship, hung from balloons, glided through the air toward him.

And suddenly, I knew. My uncle was going to die. He was the man on the shore, and the ship coming in was Death, taking him to his next stage on the journey.

Now, the Three of Wands is NOT a death card (so don't freak out if you draw it tomorrow). It’s about projects coming to fruition, mostly. About good things coming to those who waited. But in that moment, I knew it meant... death.

The doctor came out and told us that my uncle’s cancer had returned. He only had a week or two left. The message still rocked me, but I knew.

It was my first knowing. My first true connection. Did I channel? Did I forge some connection with the universal mind?

No freaking idea. Until that moment, the idea of “awakening cosmic consciousness” had been entirely theoretical. There are some things you can’t entirely understand until you experience them. I’m still not sure I do.

Aces. Someone once told me that the first card in the suit contains all the energy of that suit. And in that moment of knowing, I felt all the energy of the Cups—intuition, spirit, connection—flowing through me, and I knew.

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