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The Cannoli Caper is Here!

Book cover: the Cannoli Caper

Ex Files Italian Style…

Paranormal Museum director Maddie is navigating the waters of post-breakup life in sunny Sicily. But there's no time to wallow as she prepares to play bridesmaid for her famous sister's castle wedding.

But are the pre-wedding celebrations a veil for something sinister? Because Maddie is snatched from Sicily’s cobbled streets and thrust into a quirky caper of misadventures and murder. And when a man from her past rushes to her rescue, Maddie must face uncomfortable questions about her heart and her family.

And the biggest question of all...can Maddie stop a killer before he strikes again?

If you love quirky heroines, twisty mysteries, and laugh-out-loud humor, you’ll love this short travel mystery, book ten in the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum novels. Get cozy with The Cannoli Caper and start this hilarious whodunit today! (A book written entirely by a natural, semi-intelligent human and not by AI).


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