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The Five of Pentacles: Your Tea and Tarot Blog for the Day

--by Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

The Five of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck

The Five of Pentacles

Poverty mindset. Sense of lack. Sense of inadequacy. Woe is me.

Recently I've been struggling with my mindset. I don't pretend to know the woo-woo behind it all, or even if there is woo-woo behind it all. But it definitely seems that when you're in a positive frame of mind, positive things happen. Maybe your mind is more open to possibilities and opportunities. Maybe people just want to be around happy people, and as a species we've succeeded mainly through our ability to cooperate with each other. Whatever. A positive mindset works.

Anyway, the Five of Pentacles kept turning up in my daily draws. It was getting a little irritating, because yeah, I knew what it meant. I was not doing myself any favors by being down in the dumps. In the card, we see two ragged figures trudging through the snow past a stained-glass church window. One's on crutches, just to hammer home how awful their situation is.

But though this card looks dire, I've always seen it as a card of hope. A stained glass window represents movement of mind body and spirit. Snow can represent the opposite—a lack of progress or momentum. So forward movement is possible, if the two figures get out of the snow and go inside. But will they notice the shelter, or are they too fixated on their current path to see it?

There's also a "woe is me" aspect to the guard. It's a bit overwrought, so it could also represent a time in our lives when we're playing the "poor me" card.

Questions to consider if this card appears in a reading include:

  • How much is your mindset affecting the situation?

  • There's support available — how can you reach out to it?

  • Are you secretly enjoying the drama, or wallowing a bit in the misfortune?

  • Is the scarcity being "blown up" in your mind?

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