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The Four of Wands - Your Tea and Tarot Card for Today

--By Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

The Rider Waite Smith Four of Wands Tarot card

The Four of Wands

Celebration. Balance. Fulfillment. Completion.

My grandfather owned a hardware store.

Every morning, he'd get up at five AM, meet his buddies for coffee, then open the shop. And every evening, he'd be home by seven. And long past the age when he could have sold it and retired, he kept at it. One day I asked him why he didn't cash out. His routine seemed brutally boring.

He just smiled and said, "When you find something you love, you don't quit."

For most of my life, I was happy being the lone wolf. I didn't want anyone to hold me down, and I was happy. I liked my life. I liked my solo Tarot practice. I liked being able to play the field.

And then I met the right person and everything changed. It threw me in a way I didn't want to admit. I began to question my life and my choices. I told myself I didn't need to be in a committed relationship to be happy. I'd been happy before without one. But I was having a hard time believing it. And now I can't imagine living any other way, with any other person.

I get what my grandfather was talking about.

The Symbols on this Tarot Card

In the Four of Wands, a garlanded couple celebrates in front of a walled city and behind two pairs of wands.

There's a bridge in the background—a symbol for a threshold or path between two worlds. It also represents the ability to overcome whatever is in the gap between those two worlds. This makes this a particularly hopeful card. The celebration is coming into being.

So get ready. How can you cultivate the positive emotions to receive this blessing?


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