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The King of Wands: Your Tea and Tarot Blog

--By Hyperion Night, of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

The King of Wands

Vision. Passion. Honesty. A leader or entrepreneur.

When I first met my now business partner, Abigail, she was carrying a business plan for our Tea and Tarot room complete with five-year financials and fabric swatches. I had... a scrap of paper and lots of ideas. Neither of our plans worked out exactly as we'd expected. They turned out better.

That's not to bash plans. If we hadn't any, we wouldn't have been able to toss them in the air, modify them, and create Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot room. Okay, Abigail did all the modifying. The point is, it worked.

As I write this at the beginning of a new year, she's busily scribbling in her planner and devising goals and setting budgets. I think it's kind of fun and charming.

But I'm not a planner. I do believe in imagining the outcome you want. I may not have a plan, but I have a vision. Together, Abigail and I are Tarot's King of Wands. I've got the vision; she creates step-by-step tasks and goals. In short, the King of Wands is the whole package, even if alone, I'm not. But I respect that package.

As with all Tarot court cards, the King of Wands can represent a person you know or energies or attributes that you need to activate in your life. In my case... I probably should do a little more work on the nitty-gritty of planning so I can reach my big vision.

How are the King's energies operating (or not) in your life? Are you leading with passion and honesty? Is it time to step out and turn that side hustle into a bona fide business? Are you planning without vision? Visioning without planning? It's never too late to start.

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