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The Knight of Pentacles: From Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

--By Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

the Knight of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith Tarot card

The Knight of Pentacles

Patience. Steadiness. Determination. Practical action.

"Can we start now?" I asked.


I sighed and shifted my weight. All I wanted was a new ceiling for my office. We weren't even removing the old ceiling—just covering over the pipes that made my reading room look like an industrial basement. But my friend, who happens to be a contractor, had spent most of the morning measuring, taking notes, returning to the home supply store for more supplies, and not starting on the actual ceiling. But he's a contractor and I'm not, so I smothered my impatience, stole a scone from the tearoom kitchen, and waited.

When he finished (and I'll be honest; he did most of the work), the ceiling was perfect. And he got it all done that day. So in the end, his seeming slowness actually ended up going pretty fast. I was grateful, and humbled, and rewarded him with more stolen scones from the tearoom kitchen. And of course I paid him. But that's not the point. The point is, that stubborn, Knight of Pentacles energy is powerful stuff.

In the card, the Knight sits upon an unmoving horse, a pentacle in his hand. He's planted. Steady. Not charging about like the other knights. This is the most obvious key to his personality. But even though he's not moving, he's still a knight, and knights get it done. The Knight of Pentacles just takes his time, sizing up all the angles, slow and steady and seeking the most practical approach.

The details in this card are also telling. The plowed field is an obvious symbol of earth. It also represents a work in progress, the road ahead, and the promise of harvest. There are oak leaves on his helmet and horse. Oak leaves were sacred to thunder-and-lightening gods like Zeus and Thor indicating he is the Oak King or Green Man, which cannot be killed. In Rome, oak leaves were a sign of service to the state, representing endurance and strength.

Since court cards represent personality traits that may bear on the situation, it's useful to think of the negative side of this knight. Determination can turn to stubbornness. Cautiousness can be taken too far. The hardworking knight can become dull.

When this Tarot card appears in a reading, it's useful to consider how this knight's energies may be bearing on the situation.

  • Has someone like the Knight of Pentacles entered your life?

  • Are you behaving like the Knight of Pentacles?

  • Do you need to take on more of the qualities of the Knight of Pentacles?

  • Are you working too hard? Not hard enough?

  • Does you need to be more cautious? Are you being unadventurous?

  • Are you being unwavering or just stubborn?

  • Are you working towards a practical outcome?

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