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The Knight of Wands: Your Tea and Tarot Blog of the Day

--by Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

The Knight of Wands

Inspired action. Free spirit. Impetuosity. Confidence. Making change.

My mother had been talking about losing weight for years. She knew she had to do it. She knew how to do it. She was aware of the habits she needed to change to make her goals.

And yet, she didn't DO anything to lose the weight. And then one day, something shifted, and she did. She dropped twenty pounds in four months. I asked her what had changed. She shrugged, and said, "I did. Losing weight is psychological—for me at least. I had to be in the right frame of mind to do it. Suddenly, I was."

The Knight of Wands is hard charging, impetuous, bold. I.e. not my mom. But in that situation, she embodied the card. Something inspired her, and she made the change.

The rearing horse on the card is a symbol for restless energy, movement, and change. But we see other clues to the knight's personality in what he's wearing. Fire-like feathers ripple from the top of his helmet and and joints of his armor, implying creative rather than just raw physical energy. The knight's mantle is ripped—he's been in battle. Like the other knights, he wears armor, representing ideals, visions, and noble intentions. And this fiery knight is ready to go.

If this card appears in a Tarot reading, ask yourself: what would you like to change right now? Because it may be time to seize the moment! And know you'll be most successful in your endeavor if you embody the qualities of this knight—optimism, action, and adventure. What do you need to do to inspire those qualities in yourself or others? But beware, passion can burn out quickly. And as with all court cards, you might want to consider if the energies of the Knight of Wands are helping or hurting the situation?

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