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The Lightning-struck Tower

Updated: May 21, 2021

Happy spring, Tarot fans! Hyperion Night here, of the fabulous Beanblossom’s Tea and Tarot, where every day’s a holiday.

We’re having one of those rare, spring lightning storms here in San Borromeo, and the flashes over the stormy gray Pacific are spectacular. Also, my washing machine broke. Good thing the only person living below my laundry room is me. Only my walls are caving in from water damage. Yay!

Which brings me like a bad dream to the lightning-struck Tower card, which can indicate everything from a broken washing machine to something more serious.

To wit: if you aren’t willing to change, if you’re stuck in your old ways, and those old ways aren’t working, the universe may come along and give you a kick in the pants. That’s the Tower card. It turns everything upside down.

And if your washing machine has been making strange wheezy grindy sounds for the last month and you haven’t taken any action to fix it... Much like the inexorable Tower card the outcome is sort of inevitable.

The Tower tells us it’s ultimately less painful to accept the death of the old and the birth of the new than to fight it. So we may as well let go, move on, and fix that washing machine before it breaks down and the next thing you know, water is spewing all over your converted closet space. Especially since your condo association is quite clear that damage to the interior of the condo is your problem, not theirs.


So next time you see the Tower card, DON’T FREAK OUT. But do get on all those niggling things you know you need to take care of. As in all Tarot readings, consider the cards warnings and sign-posts to follow, not promises of impending doom or delight. (And no, I did not listen to the warning. Don't judge.)

At least I can nurse my watery psychological wounds with the Beanblossom’s Spring Tea & Tarot special. I don’t tell my business partner this enough, but her tea specials are really good. You should stop by and check them out. Also, I’ll be doing Tarot readings at 10% off, because someone’s got some home repairs to pay for.

Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot. Stop by for our spring tea special! Images of tea pot, tea, and tarot cards.

Tea, tarot, and trouble.

Abigail Beanblossom’s dream of owning a tearoom in her California beach town is about to come true. She’s got the lease, the start-up funds, and the recipes. But Abigail's out of a tearoom and into hot water when her realtor turns out to be a conman… and then turns up dead.

But not even death puts an end to the conman’s mischief. He rented the same space to a tarot reader, Hyperion Night. Convinced his tarot room is in the cards, Night’s not letting go of the building without a fight.

But the two must work together, steeping themselves in the murky waters of the sham realtor's double dealings, in order to unearth the truth – before murder boils over again.

Steeped in Murder is the first book in the Tea and Tarot cozy mystery series. Buy the book to start this hilarious caper today.

Tearoom recipes in the back of the book!

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