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The Page of Cups: Your Tea and Tarot Card Today

--By Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

The Page of Cups from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck.

Romance. A magical flow state. Innocence. Intuition. An open, vulnerable heart.

"It happened again." A friend of mine walked into my office laughing and tossed a chic pair of sunglasses on my reading table. "Glasses this time. My cousin left them at my house, and when I offered to mail them to her, she told me to keep them."

I knew what happened again wasn't someone losing things in my friend's presence. For the last two months, the universe had been showering my friend with gifts. She'd received everything from a juicer to a snow plow. (She lives in the Sierras, so the latter actually would come in handy). Lately she'd entered that magical flow state. Her heart was spilling over with love and goodwill, and people were responding. New romance had come into her life along with the random gifts. Work opportunities had opened up. She'd become the Page of Cups.

When I asked her what had changed her, she had no idea. Sure, she'd been meditating and doing the interior work. But one day, her heart just broke open. "It was like I'd been shot by Cupid's arrow, but I wasn't in love with anyone. I was just in love in general." She laughed. "And then X walked in front of my path. I'm still not sure if that's for real, or just a trick of Cupid."

I'm pretty sure it's for real, because I'd never seen her so real and raw, happy and authentic. But even if it didn't work out, I knew something even better was just around the corner. For people filled with that much love, something always is.

In this odd little Tarot card, a youthful page with a wave-shaped hat holds a cup. A fish (representing the subconscious and premonitions) emerges from it, as if about to tell him a secret. A pearl centered on the hat is evocative of the third eye, symbolizing intuition and psychic ability. His tunic is covered in tulips, a symbol of love.

Taken together, this card represents a time when magical energies occurring innocently, as parts of everyday life. It can also be a time when the qualities of this page—innocence, playfulness, enthusiasm, and expressing vulnerability are in play. (It took me a long time to realize that expressing vulnerability isn't always a weakness—not when it comes from a place of authenticity and confidence).

The turbulent waves and cocky confidence of the page's posture does present a warning, however. Youth and inexperience can take things too far.

So the questions here are:

  • Are you being authentic?

  • Are you expressing your feelings openly and maturely?

  • Are you open to new relationships?

  • How can you open your heart?

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