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The Queen of Swords

Hey-ho, it's me again, Hyperion Night, with more Tarot mystery from Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot.

In, Tarot, court cards are often the most difficult to interpret. Depending on where they fall in a reading, I look at them as representing a personality in my life, or personality traits that are either working for me or against me.

And so I draw the Queen of Swords. The Queen is smart, she’s discerning, and she’s got no problem running you through with either or both of those swords in her hands. She’s all about justice, and she’s got no qualms about dealing it out personally.

I’m not feeling like any of that. I just bought a lottery ticket, and I may not make it to the gas station before running out of gas.

She is not me.

But okay. I could use a little more of the Queen in my life, and preferably before my business partner, Abigail, discovers I spent this month’s marketing budget signing our tearoom up for a Tarot conference. (I’ll be lecturing on Tarot, she’ll be flogging our Tarot tea.) True, she’ll love it, and it will be good for our business.

Also true, I should have discussed it with her first. I also probably shouldn’t have written her bio for the conference. But "Abigail Beanblossom is part elf and off the shelf" is definitely more interesting than anything she would have come up with.

On second thought, maybe Abs is the Queen of Swords, and this is a warning not to give her the news when she’s holding anything sharp?

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