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The Queen of Wands: Today's Tea & Tarot Blog

-- by Hyperion Night, of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

Antique Halloween postcard of woman with broom. Saying in the corner reads: It's best beware of the witching hour, in which the witches have their power.

Independent. Honorable. Sociable.

Every October, I buy an antique Halloween postcard. I prefer the cards that have been used, because I like reading other people’s mail.

Don’t judge.

And I suppose the fact that these old postcards remind me of Tarot cards has something to do with my interest. Take this fine lady holding a broom. She’s substitute the broomstick for a wand, and you’ve got Queen of Wands material. And as the saying at the bottom of the card says, this queen’s got power.

Like all queens in Tarot, hers is a soft power. It’s the power to bewitch and bedazzle. The Queen of Wands is the woman who makes you not only feel at home when you arrive at her party knowing no one, but also like the star of the night. And being a queen, she gets stuff done.

But taken too far, these energies can turn dark. Sociable can become reckless party girl. Independence can become isolation. Honor can become ideology. If this card is reversed, you need to ask yourself if these energies are in play during the reading, or if the queen’s positive energies are being repressed somehow.

And now, even though I’m really not feeling it, I’m off to a Halloween party. Because the Queen of Wands isn’t the sort of girl to sit at home with a good book. She calls us to get out there and mingle. This Tarot card reminds us that life is short, and if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

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