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The Seven of Cups: Your Tea and Tarot Blog of the Day!

--By Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

Tarot card: The Seven of Cups. A man stands before a cloud carrying seven cups. From each cup a treasure or danger spills.

The Seven of Cups

Fantasy. Illusion. Sentiment. Wishful thinking. Vision.

The worst thing I ever did to a relationship was put my partner at the time on a pedestal. I was so blinded by my own fantasies that I wasn't able to see him clearly. It wasn't fair to him or to me, and the relationship died a hot, disastrous death.

Imagination can be a wonderful gift. But it can also go horribly wrong, leading us down a path we don't belong on. The Seven of Cups in Tarot warns of the perils of fantasy. In the card, some of the cups hold things that look good, but in practice might not be. And some of the cups hold terrors — the dragon and the snake. Our imagination can also lead us into anxieties that may never come to fulfillment. There is, however, one interesting cup, from which what appears to be a ghost emerges – this is actually the spirit of pure vision. Not all of our imaginings are bad. They can also encourage us to strive for high-reaching goals.

If this card appears in a reading, it asks how the spirit of the Seven of Cups is manifesting in you. Are you seeing the situation clearly or seeing what you want to see? Is your imagination leading you to catastrophize? Or is it a guiding spirit, leading you to take action and accomplish your goals? The answer, as usual, will depend on your situation and the cards around it.

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