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The Sigil Detective

Book Cover: The Sigil Detective, a Riga Hayworth Mystery by Kirsten Weiss

I've got a "new" Riga Hayworth short read coming out at the end of the month, but you can pre-order it now here:

And I put "new" in quotes, because the story originally appeared in the Moons, Magic and Mystery anthology last year. Since it's Halloween-themed, once I got the rights back, I decided to hold it until the season came around again. I was disappointed that we didn't do another anthology this year, because I discovered I really enjoy writing short reads. But there's nothing stopping me going forward, so I'm planning to intersperse short reads with my normal-sized novels next year.

Anyway, here's what this story is about:

Metaphysical detective Riga was never all powerful. But she used to have more magical juice than she does now. Now, she’s back to basics… and trapped in a faux-Viking village. But will brains and the basics of magic be enough to bring a murderer to justice?

This Riga Hayworth novelette set during the Halloween season takes place immediately before the events in The Alchemical Detective. It was originally published in the Moons, Magic and Mystery anthology in October, 2021.

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