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The Sun: Your Tea and Tarot Card for Today

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

--By Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

The Rider Waite Smith Tarot card, The sun. A naked child on a horse waves a red banner outside a walled garden with the sun overhead.

The Sun

Enlightenment. Positivity. Warmth. Self-confidence. Freedom. Conscious action.

Her name was Kim, and she was a Georgia peach, sunny and tan and blond. And when she walked into the room, everyone gravitated toward her. She wasn't particularly beautiful. She was particularly ordinary—all except her heart, which was spilling over with love. It made her irresistible. She'd come to my booth at the psychic fair when I was in despair about psychic fairs in general and this psychic fair specifically. Before I knew it, not only had I given her a reading, but somehow I'd given myself a reading, and she was cheering me out of my story of woe. Her good nature was contagious. Suddenly, instead of counting the minutes until I could flee the fair, I was having a blast, the life of the party again.

We all know these people. They have a certain warmth, a charisma, that draws others in and lifts them up. Magic seems to happen for them and around them.

But this quality isn't something other people have. We all have this solar energy inside us. But too often we play small or hide our true natures out of fear of rejection. We create our own clouds, obscuring who we are in the hopes for greater acceptance. But of course that just drives people away.

In this card, a naked child, free, self-confident rides a white horse, representing vitality. Four sunflowers tilt their heads to face the child instead of the actual sun behind them. The child is the true sun in this card, being his authentic self without need of anything to hide behind or to present a certain image (like clothing). The child has ventured outside the garden wall, choosing the risk of experience over safety.

Consider how the energies of this card—enlightenment, positivity, self-confidence, warmth and freedom—may be working in your life, or where you need to bring more of them into your life. Are you hiding your light under a bushel? Are you being your authentic self or trying to be someone you're not? Are you consciously willing to express how you're feeling? Are you closed off, stuck in your head, letting your unconscious run the show? Are you playing it safe? Or are you secure enough to be fully, vitally present and to encourage others to shine?

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