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The Ten of Wands: Your Tea and Tarot Card for Today

--By Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

The Rider Waite Smith Ten of Wands Tarot card

The Ten of Wands

An ending is near. Struggle. Oppression. The need for change.

A client came to me feeling burned out. She'd worked her @$$ off her entire life and was successful in her field—not at the top of it, but comfortably successful. She had an amazing house, and the mortgage was paid for. She owned her own company doing work that she loved. She had a beloved family. And she was tense and stressed and ready to crack. So it was no surprise that the Ten of Wands appeared in her reading.

The card shows a man carrying a bundle of ten staffs toward a nearby village. His back is bent. The staffs are clearly weighing on him, which is why this card often is associated with struggle and oppression.

But here's the thing. Look at how he's holding the sticks in front of him. He could make his life easier and carry them on his back or shoulder, but instead, he's chosen the most awkward way possible. The sticks are also right in front of his face, so it's unclear if he can see how close he is to being able to the village and being able to put them down. In short, the struggle may be real, but it doesn't have to be this tough. This guy needs to make some changes.

So did my client. She'd spent so many years working and striving that she didn't realize she'd made it. Her habit, her mindset, was go-go-go. But it was time for her to step back, relax, and really appreciate what she'd achieved. Once she did, her life transformed. She began enjoying her work more, and with it came a sense of ease. She didn't slow down much, because she came to love what she was doing even more. But she did start taking more time to enjoy her life and take care of her health, which she'd been neglecting.

What burdens are you struggling with? What are the possible causes and ways you could release those burdens? What blockages might there be—internal or external—to releasing those burdens or getting to the end? Down deep do you enjoy the sense of martyrdom? Are you afraid of losing power/prestige at work? What can be done so she can move beyond this card—to learn the lessons and move on? The end is near and it's glorious, if you allow it.

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