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The Three of Wands: Your Tea and Tarot Blog of the Day

--By Hyperion Night

Tarot Card: The Rider Waite Smith Three of Wands. A man stands on a hillside between three budding wands and watches ships sail away in the distance.

The Three of Wands

Enterprise. Taking the broad or strategic view. Planning. Progress.

Becoming part-owner in a Tea and Tarot room was a massive leap of faith. I believed we’d succeed, but I didn’t know. How could I? Even more terrifying, I wouldn’t know right off. Restaurants can take a year to get off the ground. Losses and slow starts are expected. And even though I wasn’t running the food side, my Tarot business was knotted right into it. Either we both succeeded, or neither of us did.

So I took the leap, relying on the plans my partner and I had developed (I did help with those plans. Really). And then I waited like the man on the Three of Wands, watching his distant ships sail away and hoping to hell they’d make it back safely. A year later, I still feel a bit like that man. Beanblossom’s Tea and Tarot is doing well, but anything could happen. And all I can do is keep on keeping on and let the events we set in motion unfold on their own.

This card is filled with promise. The skies are clear. The hill is green. The three wands on the hillside beside the man are budding. Depending on the situation, this card asks us to trust in the process and get back to work. After all, staring after those ships on the horizon won’t do any good.

It also asks us to have courage. The man in the card is wearing armor beneath his robes (you can only see it on his exposed arm, but it’s there). He’s a fighter. And it can take courage after the act to just trust and wait.

If this card appears in a reading, consider how the client relates to the man on the hill. Is the client seeing the big picture? Is it time for the client to do some planning? You also might consider if the client is getting on with life or if they’re obsessing over things they can’t control.

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