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The World: Your Tea and Tarot Blog for this Week

--By Hyperion Night

The World Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot card

Accomplishment. Completion. Self-actualization. Connection with the Divine.

I met a guy in a bar (no, this story isn't going the way you think). I met a guy in a bar, and he was obviously having a rough time. His wife had left him. The kids hated him. And he'd lost his job. We ended up having one of those late-night, meaning-of-life discussions. And in the end, we realized that the meaning of life was right here, right now. This moment and every moment. The struggle. The joy. All of it. But we only really felt it when we were connecting with each other.

I never saw him after that night, but the memory has stayed with me.

Like most Tarot cards, the World, the final card in the Major Arcana, can mean a lot of things. Completion of something you've been working to manifest. Accomplishing a goal. But the ultimate goal, of course, is meaning. Finding it. Having it. Because when you've got meaning, everything else falls into place. The problem is, even when we find it, it's easy to forget about it. Life goes on, and only now and again do you look up and remember how damn lucky you are.

So while this card can mean that eureka moment, when all is well with the world and inside you, it also reminds us to wake up and look around.

A surprising number of people come to a reading wanting to know their life's purpose. Usually what they really want to know is what type of job will make them happy. Because deep down, we all have the same purpose--to live, to truly live. The woman in the Rider-Waite-Smith World card has figured it out, dancing in the moment, surrounded by symbols of the four elements.

Life is pretty amazing. It's also short. So we should be experiencing meaning in every moment of every day. And if you're not, look at the person next to you. There's your meaning. Right now.

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