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Three of Cups: from Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

--By Hyperion Night

The Rider Waite Smith Three of Cups Tarot card.

The Three of Cups

Emotional support. Celebration. Collaboration. Success.

A client I hadn't seen in six months — let's call her Jan — turned up in my office looking fabulous. She'd not only dropped forty pounds, but she was able to get off the blood pressure meds she'd been taking for years. She glowed. Except for the furrow between her brows. I asked how she'd been.

"I just got back from visiting friends in Seattle, and they were…" She hesitated.

"Damp?" I asked. "Drafty? Depressed?"

"Really down on me," she fumed. "All they could talk about was everything that was wrong with my new exercise program. It was too hard. It was even dangerous. By losing weight I was fat shaming others. I worked with a doctor to get off those damn blood pressure pills. There was nothing dangerous about it. I can walk up the stairs to my apartment without breaking a sweat now."

"Sweetie," I said, "you deserve better friends. Because what you did is amazing." She'd had a massive success—a lifechanging one. She needed to celebrate it. Fortunately, she did have better friends closer to home, people who supported her and cheered her on.

In the Three of Cups three dancing women toast each other. On the ground nearby are harvest fruits, grapes and a pumpkin—symbols of abundance and harvest. This is clearly a card of success. But since it's Cups and, therefore, about emotions, it's also about the emotional side of that success. These ladies are not just celebrating for themselves but are building each other up with their toasts.

In a reading, this card represents a positive outcome. But it also asks, what do you have to celebrate? Are the people in your life cheering on your successes or tearing them down?

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