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--By Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

The Rider Waite Smith Two of Cups Tarot card. A man and woman toast each other with two large golden cups.

Two of Cups

Love. Passion. Connection. A marriage or proposal. A partnership.

Last month, a friend came into my office for a reading. "I'm done with love. I'm done trying. I'm done getting my hopes up. I'm going to die alone and that's okay." He hadn't come for a reading, but he didn't say "no" when I offered one.

I drew the Two of Cups. "It looks like you're in exactly the right frame to find love." He thought I was being sarcastic. But people can sense when we're trying. We have to not try and just be, and sometimes that means letting the dreams and desires go so they'll unfold as they wish.

He laughed. "I told you, I'm over it." And then he left.

Of course you can guess what happened. He was back last week, and he'd fallen in love with an amazing woman who loved him back.

No, the Two of Cups isn't always about romantic love. It could be about a passion for a project, or a business partnership. But the Cups are cards of the emotions, so emotions are typically somehow involved.

In the card, a man and woman toast each other in a symbolic pledge. An Aeon, a winged, lion-headed god from the Roman cult of Mithras watches over the pair. Aeons were deities paired as male/female, a symbol enhancing the love/partnership idea. Beneath the Aeon is a caduceus, an alchemical symbol of what is created when forces are combined, as well as moral balance and healing energies.

What (or who) are you passionate about? This card is a sign that there's possibility for growth here, if you take it.

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