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Upon Reflection, That Might Not Have Been the Best Idea...

As you may know, my 10th book in the Doyle Witch series, Unbound, is launching on June 30th. What you may not know is that I've got a Doyle witch novelette coming out September 30th called Druid. And... it takes before Unbound.

Here's what happened.

I wrote the short story, Druid, last year as part of a witch cozy mystery anthology. The anthology was available for a brief time only, and then the rights reverted back to me. So of course, I wanted to publish Druid as a standalone. The story takes place at Halloween, so it seemed like the best time to publish it would be during the Halloween season this year.

But Jayce goes through some big changes in Unbound, changes which it's obvious haven't happened yet in Druid. I think it's still a pretty fun story, with a PaganCon and druids and a murder or two, and you can read it in an hour.

But I messed up the publishing order.


In other news, usually I include some spells at the book. So my cover designer quite naturally inserted a banner on the Druid cover that reads: Spells Included! The original short story didn't have any spells at the back, so I'm busy writing new spells. I guess I could have asked the designer to just delete that from the cover. But I've put the poor woman through the wringer with changes to other covers, so I figured it would be better just to leave it be. (You'd think as a writer it wouldn't be so hard to convey in words the image I see in my head, but it is).

Anyway, you can pre-order both Unbound and Druid now!

And if you'd like to help me get the word out (and I'd very much appreciate it if you did), Share To Twitter!

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