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When Writer's Can't Read

Every writer starts out and (if they're good) remains a reader. But what happens when you can't read?

This happened to me yesterday morning. After spending Monday and Tuesday afternoon in the dentist's chair, I woke up Wednesday morning with extreme vertigo. This led to nausea so bad I couldn't read OR write. Looking at a page made me want to throw up. My sister had to drive me to the doctor.

It's a condition called BPPV, and it has to do with ear crystals in the ear canal shifting to the wrong spot. There's a certain maneuver to try to get them to shift back, and I'm doing this religiously. But even with the maneuver, BPPV can go away in a day or... a month.

This morning, I've still got the vertigo. Fortunately, the nausea's under control thanks to some excellent meds . And as the doctor put it, at least I wasn't having a stroke. But between the two afternoons at the dentist and Wednesday on the couch listening to podcasts... I'm behind. Hyperion and Maddie's blogs aren't going to happen this week.

And I really hope I can kick this thing soon. I've got places to go!

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