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Writing Update! 12 June, 2021

Writing Update: Photo of woman writing in journal. Quote: Writing is a calling, not a choice.

I think I should probably explain why some of the progress stats on my home page are moving very slowly.

Some very good writers are able to write a first draft, then sit down and edit it, and then send it off to their editors with very good results.

I am not one of those people.

If I look at it too soon, I don't see a lot of errors. I know what I meant to write, and so everything makes sense. It's only with the distance of time that I can look at it and say to myself "WTF is that supposed to mean?"

Also, I do a lot of edits. (Which makes it all the more depressing that typos still slip through. If you ever catch a typo in one of my books, please don't hesitate to email and let me know. In most cases, I'll be able to fix them).

Anyway, I run through the manuscript at least six or seven times before it goes off to the editors. So I consider a book half done when the first draft is finished, and then I'm kind of guestimating on how "done" it is after each edit. And then it goes to my editors, and they find things for me to change, but that's usually pretty quickly accomplished. So by the time it goes to my editors, it's over 90% done.

Right now I'm waiting for my final edit on Never Say Chai from misterio press. That book is scheduled to launch on August 31st. I'm trying to give myself a little more space between finishing the book and launching the book so I have time to promote the book. Because today's writers aren't just writers -- at least, not if they want to make a living at it, which I do. We also have to be business owners, and that means letting people know the books are out there. (And if you'd like to help me out with that, please tell your friends or leave a review!)


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