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Writing Update! 16 July, 2021

Here's what's going on...

Right now I'm writing a new Wits' End book, The Woman from Planet X. Susan and Arsen finally get to leave Doyle and vacation in Nowhere, Nevada. (If the name of this town sounds familiar, it's because my new "Big" series is set there). And... there's a murder and the usual wacky chicanery.

Gnome Alone, Book 5 in the series, just returned from my editor at misterio press, but I haven't had a chance to review the comments. That will be this weekend's project. Then the holiday book goes back to misterio for the "final" copy edit. (I put "final" in quotation marks, because there never really seems to be a final copy edit. Someone's always finding a typo later. If you happen to come across a typo in one of my books, please let me know! In most cases, I can fix them fairly easily.)

I'm on my pacing edit for Deadly Bargain, book 6 in the Paranormal Museum series. I do multiple types of edits for each manuscript, focusing on different elements. This editorial pass involves colored pens and checklists. So I guess I'm a little like Susan Witsend in that regard...

And speaking of editing, yesterday I returned The Sigil Detective, a Riga Hayworth short read to the editors of the Moons, Magic and Mystery anthology, coming out in September. I've been promised the Amazon pre-order link will be available soon, so watch for it in coming blogs!

In the meantime, I've challenged myself to write a Tarot blog a week in Hyperion Night's name. I realized I could get through all 78 cards by the end of next year if I keep it up, and then I plan to go meta and turn it into a Tarot book "by Hyperion" of the Tea & Tarot series. Ironically, this will probably be the longest it's ever taken me to write a first draft! But it's a fun challenge goal, and I guess I like multi-tasking.

The next book in the Tea & Tarot series, Never Say Chai, launches August 31st! But if you pre-order the ebook now, you can get it for only $3.99. The price goes up after launch day to $4.99.


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