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Writing Update!

Writing Update: Photo of woman holding a note that says "Thank you."

Since I was up most of last night with heartburn (one of the perils of aging, apparently), I got very little writing done today. BUT... I'm still on track.

Unbound, my Doyle Witch/Riga Hayworth crossover is ready for launch on June 30th. The only thing I'd been waiting on was completing the poem spell at the back of the book. And when I say poem spell, I don't mean a rhyming incantation. Poem spells are a thing -- generally longish poems with directions on how to cast a spell. I took a class on them last month. Yes, I'm still taking writing classes. In fact, I've incorporated an hour of writing study into my daily schedule. Which may be more inside baseball than you wanted...

The edits for Gnome Alone are going well. I'm fairly pleased with the manuscript so far. It's not quite as off the wall as the prior Wits' End book, War of the Squirrels, but it's got plenty of funny.

My beta reader for The Sigil Detective came back with his excellent comments, and I'm incorporating them into what I hope will be final edit. But knowing, I'll keep tweaking it. I'm at my 15,000 word limit on this story. There's almost a puzzle-like challenge to subtracting and adding better words at this point.

Big Shot. It's funny, but when I first started rewriting this book, I remembered why I'd shelved it for so long. But then, I had a long think about the book, realized the changes I had to make, and now I'm excited about it again. It launches next May 31st, 2022, so I've got LOTS of time for polishing. (And it's a relief to finally have my writing schedule on a track where I can take more time to edit and let people know about the books.)

As a PS, word of mouth sells books, and selling books means I can keep writing books. So if you enjoy my books, please tell a friend or two.

More importantly, thank you for being a part of this writing journey. When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a mystery writer. And now, thanks to you, I am.


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