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Writing Update: May 30th

I am so close to done on two projects, it's a little embarrassing.

The Riga Hayworth novellete, for the Moons, Magic and Mystery anthology is pretty much done. I'm just waiting for comments from a beta reader and then I'll do a "final" edit. Actually, I think I'm going to call him today...

Never Say Chai, the next book in the Tea and Tarot series: I just got edits back from an editor at misterio press and am waiting until next week to review. It's tempting to knock them out this weekend, but I'm determined to relax.

Deadly Bargain, book 6 in the Paranormal Museum cozy mystery series: the first draft is done! Now I'm going to ignore it for a month while I work on a new series and edit Gnome Alone, book 5 in the Wits' End series.

As to the new series, the first draft was finished about six months ago. I can't exactly explain why I've been sitting on it this long, aside from a vague idea that I'd want to do some major rewrites and wasn't sure what they'd be. Now, I know, and I'm excited about this quirky cozy series. I even have the next two books, Big Bad and Big Bucks.

My cover designer is working on the cover now. (I made the mistake of suggesting she put the body beside a giant can of peas on the cover, and she executed perfectly. Except it looks like the cover is an ad for canned peas, or the murder is set in a grocery store. As you can see from the description below, neither is true. Now she's working on substituting the peas for giant, Alice-in-Wonderland style mushrooms. She'd be thoroughly justified in washing her hands of me after wasting time on my dumb idea. And she wove cute little pea vines through the title text as well. Sigh.).

Anyway, cover permitting, the book will go up for pre-order next weekend, launch date May 31, 2022. Expect the other two books to also launch in 2022. Here's the description for book 1, Big Shot:

Big Shot

I’m Alice. Bodyguard. Divorcée... Amateur detective?

The secret to my success as a bodyguard? Living my life under the radar.

Until now.

When the mobster’s brother I was protecting snuck off to get pasted by a tomato truck before he could testify in court, the internet had a field day. Memes, conspiracy theories, snarky remarks on cable news shows… I was the butt of it all.

I won’t say my hometown of Nowhere is the perfect place to hide out, because it has BIG aspirations to be Somewhere. To attract tourists, the mountain town is now packed with Nevada’s biggest collection of “World’s Largest” curiosities.

So when I discovered a corpse beside the World’s Largest Can of Peas...? Yeah. Things got worse.

The murder points straight at my slacker brother.

I’m going to have to burrow down the rabbit holes of small-town intrigues to prove his innocence. But can I save my brother while dodging a geriatric hitman and worse… a persistent reporter?

A fast-paced and funny cozy mystery series that’s Stephanie Plum meets Alice in Wonderland. Big Shot is book 1 in the Big Murder Mystery Series.

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