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Your Paranormal News! 24 Sept., 2021

Happy Autumn, everyone! It's pumpkin spice and autumn leaves and children excited for the holidays time, and I LOVE it. And of course, we're heading into the spooky season, which is even better if you happen to be the purveyor of a perfectly proper paranormal museum... But if you can't make it to the museum, be sure to check out our online merch store HERE.

Moving on, here's my roundup of the top 5 paranormal news items for the week!

1) Did this photographer capture a ghost at a Civil War hospital in Tennessee?

2) Not to be outdone, this antique store owner has possible video evidence of their ghost, who likes to play pranks...

3) Does it seem like Colorado has an unusually large number of UFO sightings? Could it be military craft mistaken for UFOs? Or are UFOs attracted to military craft? In any case, some tic-tac UFOs have been recorded near a Colorado Space Force base...

4) Bigfoot!!! And more Bigfoot!

5) The anniversary of the final Salem Witch trial executions.

The San Benedetto Paranormal Museum brings you... Meet Bigfoot! Stop by and take a selfie with Bigfoot!


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