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Your Tea and Tarot Card of the Day! The Two of Wands.

--By Hyperion Night, of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot card: Two of Wands.

The Two of Wands

Dreams. Planning. Dominion. Courage.

My friend Razzzor, who's nowhere near as intimidating as his name sounds, dropped by the tearoom the other day and mentioned he had an idea for a computer game.

"Sounds cool," I said, though I'm not into gaming. "You going to go ahead with it?"

"I already have. Trademark's registered and the programmers are being hired."

I gaped in awe. There was no hesitation between the dream and the action. And yet I knew, since Razzzor is actually quite successful, that there were steps between the two, namely involving planning and organizing. They all just happen in rapid-fire in that great big brain of his, and then he acts. I don't have those between steps. I dream, and then I dream some more, and eventually, I'll act, but without a whole lot of thought. (This is why having a business partner who knows how to plan works so well for me).

Razzzor is the guy in the Two of Wands, and I'm... not. But I want to be.

In the Rider-Wate-Smith Tarot card, a well-dressed man stands on a castle parapet and holds a globe in one hand and a staff in the other. The globe mirrors that in the Emperor card and represents the man's material power. He literally has the world in his hands. The two wands form a sort of gateway for him to gaze through, but the wands are both restricted — one is held in a clamp to the wall and the other in the man's hand. Engraved in the lower-left corner of the wall are a crossed rose and lily. These two flowers are symbolic opposites, the rose representing desire and the lily purity. It's this crossing of opposites here that I believe is the key to this card: rose and lilies, water and mountains. The man's not just daydreaming, he's also putting things into action. His dreams are moderated by plans and good sense.

If this card appears in a reading, it's a sign the client literally has the world in their hands. But are they fully living up to the potential the Two of Wands offers? Are they going beyond dreams and into planning and action? Are they taking charge? Are they acting in a balanced way, or are energies spinning out of control?

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