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Your Tea and Tarot Card of the Week: The Four of Pentacles

--By Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

The four of pentacles Tarot card in the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck. A king on his throne holds tight to a pentacle. One sits on his head, the other two are beneath his feet.

The Four of Pentacles

Hoarding. Investment. Insecurity. Holding on.

Yesterday I bought my first hundred dollars of cryptocurrency. It’s 2022 as I write this, so I’m well behind the crypto curve. What held me back was laziness and ignorance. I readily admit it may all blow up in my face. The process was a major hassle, involving a crazy level of passwords, proof I am who I say I am, and backing and forthing online.

I’d been advised to buy a special offline “wallet”, but I have to wait a week before I can deposit any of the crypto I bought into it. There’s a high probability I’ll forget to do so until my friend reminds me. For me, buying the crypto was more a statement of financial anarchy than a means of exchange or even an investment. The subversive glow I feel for now owning crypto was well worth the hundred bucks. And yes, that’s a terrible reason to buy it, but I'll probably buy more. When it comes to spending and holding money, we have lots of terrible, unexamined, reasons for our actions.

We infuse money with all sorts of meaning. Security. Power. Freedom. Love. And that’s how it begins to control us. I like making money, but I tend not to hang onto it. It’s a pattern, and we all have patterns around money. The Four of Pentacles asks us to examine these patterns, and how they might be manifesting in other areas of our lives.

Some spend money as fast as they make it. Others have massive credit card debt. The psychological aspects of money are huge. In some of us, the idea money is the root of all evil is embedded deep. In others, it’s a measure not only of value, but of their personal worth. Some diligent folks (like my business partner, Abigail), wisely save and invest. I told her I’d help her get set up to buy crypto—for savings and investment purposes—and she threw a scone at me. I deserved it. (It was an excellent scone). Abigail’s not the miser depicted on the Four of Pentacles, but she does tend to hang on to people. Our relationship with money can be a metaphor for other relationships.

In a Tarot reading, the Four of Pentacles asks us to consider what we’re holding onto, and if it’s time to invest or just let go. Are we clinging to a relationship we should have cut loose? Are we being too miserly with our time or emotions? Are we holding onto an idea about the way the world or other people in it should be? Or is this about your relationship with money? Let your inner voice and the other cards in the spread guide your answer.

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