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Riga Hayworth paranormal mystery book cover

The Hermetic Detective

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A Monstrous Assassin. A Metaphysical Detective. 

Housebound with five-month-old twins, metaphysical detective Riga Hayworth just wants to get back in the metaphysical detecting game. But when she’s called to help an elderly woman, haunted and alone, a deadly threat follows Riga home. Can Riga prevent a tragedy and protect her family? 

As Riga investigates the senior care facility, she begins to believe that the deaths of its residents are due to unnatural causes. But proving it won’t be easy. And the killer is highly motivated to continue the murderous rampage at any cost, even if that means ending Riga’s investigation for good. 

The Hermetic Detective is the sixth book in the Riga Hayworth series of fun, fast-paced paranormal women’s fiction. If you’re looking for a page-turner with a complicated, 40-something heroine, scroll up and buy The Hermetic Detective and start your next magical adventure today!

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