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Steam and Sensibility, a steampunk mystery
Of Mice and Mechanicals, a steampunk mystery book
A Midsummer Night's Mechanical, a steampunk cozy mystery novel
Steam and Sensibility

Steam rising.

California Territory, 1848.

Steam-powered technology is still in its infancy.

Gold has been discovered, emptying the village of San Francisco of its male population.

And newly arrived immigrant, Englishwoman Sensibility Grey, is alone.

Sensibility has spent her life tinkering in her father’s laboratory and missing the finer points of proper British life. But when her father dies in penury, she’s shipped to San Francisco and to the protection of an uncle she’s never met.

The territory may hold more dangers than even the indomitable Miss Grey can manage. Pursued by government agents, a secret society, and the enigmatic Mr. Krieg Night, Sensibility must decipher the clockwork secrets in her father’s final journal, unaware she’ll change the world forever.

If you love over-the-top characters, twisty mysteries, and complicated heroines, you'll love STEAM AND SENSIBILITY, a proto-Steampunk novel of suspense set in the wild west of the California gold rush.

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Of Mice and Mechanicals



Mechanicals, Mayhem, and Murder.


All Sensibility Grey wants is to tinker in her new laboratory in boomtown San Francisco. A stranger in a strange land, she is finally making a life for herself as a purveyor of mechanicals to eager miners.


But a pair of government agents have other things in mind. While loves and loyalties fracture, mysterious forces threaten to destroy Sensibility and her clockwork secrets. 

A Midsummer Night's Mechanical


A Midsummer Murder

The California Territory, 1849 – Blamed for burning down the San Francisco wharf, clockwork inventor, Sensibility Grey has spent the last three months in hiding. Now all she wants is to depart the gold-crazy boomtown for a new life in the East. So when the owner of a traveling theater offers her work embellishing his mechanical stage, she turns him down. Then he turns up dead on her doorstep along with his enigmatic stage.

An explorer of the mysteries of aether, Sensibility has her own secrets to keep, and adversaries who’ll stop at nothing to learn them. Is the mechanical stage a part of a bigger game? Or the key to unlocking her true, magical potential?

A Midsummer Night’s Mechanical is book three in the Sensibility Grey series of steampunk suspense.

A steampunk anthology

You can also find Sensibility in the anthology Thirty Days Later. Listen to three of the stories (including my own, The Honorable Eddy), for free on the right.



A steampunk anthology

Not-so-super agent Ely Crane stars in two short stories in this anthology from the authors of Clockwork Alchemy (and me). And introducing a new heroine -- a medium named Persephone LaPorte!



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