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Tea and Tarot book cover

Steeped in Murder

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Tea, tarot, and trouble. 

Abigail’s dream of owning a tearoom in her California beach town is about to come true. She’s got the lease, the start-up funds, and the scone recipes. But she’s out of a tearoom and into hot water when her realtor turns out to be a conman… and then turns up dead. 

Not even death puts an end to the conman’s mischief. He rented the same space to a tarot reader, Hyperion. Convinced his tarot room is in the cards, he’s not letting go of the building without a fight. But this unlikely duo will have to work together to untangle the murder first. 

With a little help from her quirky grandfather, Hyperion and Abigail steep themselves in the murky waters of the sham realtor's double dealings. But can they unearth the truth before murder boils over again? 

Steeped in Murder is the first book in this Tea and Tarot mystery series with heart. Get cozy and download this hilarious caper today. Tearoom recipes in the back of the book!

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