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Tea and Tarot book cover

Tea and Tarot Mysteries 1-3

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Tea, Tarot and Trouble. This quirky cozy mystery series has it all! 

Abigail Beanblossom’s dream of owning a tea room in her California beach town is about to come true. She’s got the lease, the start-up funds, and the recipes. But Abigail's out of a tearoom and into hot water when her realtor turns out to be a conman… and then turns up dead. 

But not even death puts an end to the conman’s mischief. He rented the same space to a tarot reader, Hyperion Night. Convinced his tarot room is in the cards, Night’s not letting go of the building without a fight. 

The two must work together, steeping themselves in the murky waters of the sham realtor's double dealings, in order to unearth the truth – before murder boils over again. 

If you love quirky characters and laugh-out-loud reads, you’ll love this special boxed collection of the first three books in the series, including: Steeped in Murder, Hostage to Fortune, and Oolong, Farewell. Tearoom recipes in the back of the books!

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