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Tea and Tarot book cover

The Sword in the Scone

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Tea and Tarot. Love and Murder. 

A Tarot conference at a holistic resort seems the perfect place for Tea and Tarot partners Hyperion and Abigail to promote their business and enjoy some beachside luxury. But murder cuts their R&R short. And when the evidence points to Abigail’s devilishly appealing neighbor, Brik, and an unsolved murder connected to his past, this amateur detecting duo is on the case. 

Years ago, Brik’s girlfriend died at the hands of an unknown stalker. He lost everything: his love, his job, his home. Now, he’s convinced history is repeating itself. He’s tried to keep Abigail in the friend-zone, but he fears another woman he cares about just may be the next victim. 

As the investigation heats up, Brik and Abigail are determined to keep each other at arm’s length. But as they cross swords with the killer, their feelings become harder to resist. If these two don’t learn to trust each other, their chance at love might be cut short. Permanently. 

The Sword in the Scone is a fast-paced and funny mystery, packed with oddball characters, Tarot, and murder. Get cozy and read this hilarious whodunit today! 

Tearoom recipes in the back of the book!

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