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Abundance. Good fortune. Too much of a good thing.

“Think positive. Trust you have enough to be successful. Believe you attract miracles…” It’s quick and easy advice—some would call it New Age folderol. But is an abundance mindset mere magical thinking? Or does it really work?

Abundance comes from a generous current of giving and receiving. It involves presence and embracing opportunities.

And yes, an abundance mindset does work. If we’re in an abundant frame of mind, if we believe we have enough and expect good things to happen, we’ll become aware of opportunities that negative Nellies don’t. People will want to spend more time with us, bringing even more opportunities and abundance our way. Does this make holding this positive expectation a magical act? Or is it just psychology?

Does it matter? And if you still think an abundance mindset is bunkum, consider the effect of negative thinking, such as a scarcity mindset, on your life. It doesn’t take us anywhere good.

The symbols:

A river rushing with water, representing the abundance mindset of flow, forms the backdrop for a cluster of grapes and pink peonies—traditional symbols of plenty.

The questions:

How can you open to receiving greater abundance? Where are you feeling unworthy?

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