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Turning a bad situation to good. Confusion leading to truth. The spirit of transformation through love.

The medieval alchemists left notes written in riddles and codes. Some focused on internal transformation; others took the practice literally, attempting to turn lead into gold. Charlatans tricked the credulous into paying for alchemical get-rich-quick fakery. Little wonder it’s often written off as ignorant nonsense.

But the practice of alchemy wasn’t a waste. It influenced and inspired scientists like Isaac Newton to explore our reality.

And something else came out of all that chaos. Alchemists discovered they could change their spiritual lead into gold through the power of the heart. Because spiritual alchemy challenges us to love others and to love ourselves enough to bring about our own evolution. It asks how we can work our own magic, aligning ourselves and our environments.

The Symbols:

The geometric figure in the background is Metatron’s Cube, a pattern in sacred geometry. It holds the five key configurations the ancients believed made up all matter, the Platonic Solids associated with the five elements—earth, fire, water, air, and spirit. It also represents the meeting point of body and spirit, making it an excellent representation for alchemy.

A heart beats in the center of the design. Ancient alchemical symbols float in the top corners of this card. Alchemical bottles with shells, representing love, and a compass, representing our moral compass, stand in the foreground.

The Questions:

How can you live from your heart today? What change do you want in your life?

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