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Inner beauty. Appreciating art. Creating beauty for yourself and/or others. Appearance. Harmony.

Too often we think of beauty as a luxury. But it’s a spiritual necessity. Beauty helps inoculate us from dark spells of nihilism and despair. When we’re surrounded by beauty, the path to wonder and the beauty inside us are clearer. Beauty makes us stronger and moves us toward the transcendent.

So beauty is not optional. Beauty is the point, because it’s a manifestation of love, pointing to something higher. And that makes the creation of beauty a radical act.

But what seems to be beauty can be superficial and false. Beauty can be misapprehended and taken as appearance. Surface glam can dazzle without any substance behind it. This is why it’s important to cultivate a beautiful mind. True beauty is based in love.

The Symbols:

A transcendent ocean sunset forms the background of this card. Pearls of beauty and inner wisdom merge with the clouds, and a peacock, symbolizing beauty and immortality, struts along the sand. Butterflies, representing beauty and transformation, flutter between sea and sky.

The Questions:

How can you bring beauty into your environment? Into your life? How can you create beauty for others?

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