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Change. The inevitable. Eternity. Evolution.

Nothing is permanent. The universe is eternally changing, and we need to evolve as well. Because If we stop growing, we’re no longer living. We die inside.

That’s because reality isn’t fixed. It’s constantly in the process of becoming and so are we, an ever living fire. Problems arise when we attempt to fix ourselves to a steady point. Nature moves on. If we don’t evolve with her, then we become out of phase, disconnected, and the fire goes out. So we must remain present and aware. Mere being isn’t enough for we humans. It is through becoming that we find meaning.

But change can be stressful. Change means we’re stepping into something new and leaving something old behind. But if we focus on the excitement of what we’re becoming, if we can learn to be in the present, the process can be less traumatic.

The Symbols:

Spirals represent the eternally changing nature of the universe. The fossil’s counterclockwise spiral (from inside out) represents letting go to allow for creation. The spiral is also a natural fractal pattern, and spending time looking at fractals has been shown to significantly reduce stress, activating the part of the brain that helps regulate emotions. This spiral fossil reminds us that we can relax even as change is occurring.

Heather, another symbol of change, sprouts in the foreground of the card. In the background is a ruin, reminding us that everything ends.

The Questions:

What ideas and habits do you need to evolve? How can you be present with change?

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