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Call to consciousness. Self-reflection. Healing. Integration. Ego.

You are pure, divine energy. But it isn’t always easy to be conscious of that, or of the effect our actions have on others. Our behavior is limited by our current consciousness, because we’re unconscious of what we don’t know.

But there’s another side to consciousness, or the lack thereof. When we act unconsciously, letting old patterns and stories run the show, we make ourselves vulnerable to outside influence—magical and otherwise. We may even unwittingly cast spells on others.

We also get in our own way. So this card is a call to examine past patterns, to let unhealthy ones go, and to consciously live in the present with love. It’s a call to examine our egoic mind, to notice when it has taken control (moments of embarrassment are a good sign our ego has kicked up), and why it has.

Be aware of how you’re connecting to others and where you’re placing your energy. Because you are conscious. You have agency. You have free will. Use it.

The Symbols:

The geometric pattern in the background of this card is the flower of life, representing consciousness. But patterns in general also represent the patterns in our lives that we may be unconsciously living.

The meditating yogini, spending time in self-reflection yet aware of the world around her, sits in a real-world flower, a trillium, its three petals representing integration of mind, body and soul.

The Questions:

Are you aware in this moment? What are your emotional triggers? Can you notice when you’re being triggered and recognize your old pattern is kicking up? Can you forgive others when they’ve behaved unconsciously?

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