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Exploration. Discovery. Excitement.

Curiosity drives us toward the unknown, toward exploration and discovery. It gets us out of our heads, reducing anxiety and increasing our empathy and compassion. Our lives would stagnate without curiosity, making it a critical part of our growth. But learning new things will change us, and change can be scary. So one stress-reducing way to approach curiosity is with a sense of play.

The Symbols:

A woman, naked and unafraid to be wrong or naïve, or to show her true self, climbs the stairs of an abandoned castle. A magnifying glass, a symbol of curiosity and discovery, highlights her climb. On a door in the downstairs hallway, an eye peers through the keyhole, searching for what secrets lie within. Pandora’s box sits beneath the window, because when you learn new things it’s destabilizing, even if what you’ve learned has expanded you.

The Questions:

What is attracting your attention right now? Can you approach it with a sense of playfulness? Where can you be more curious?

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