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Faith. Conviction. Hope.

Faith is a tricky thing. Too much, and you can be made a fool of. Too little, and you can’t form meaningful bonds with others. The same is true of faith in magic. You need faith in the magic for it to work. But too much makes you credulous.

True faith isn’t blind or closeminded. It’s a decision to act with trust. Like love, faith is a practice, and it takes courage. But faith and hope and love also give us the courage to keep going and to stay in the game. And faith in something higher than us gives us humility—it keeps us from developing God complexes, a real threat to people with magic and other forms of power.

Have faith that life has meaning, and that we’re all a part of that meaning.

The Symbols:

The cairn is an old symbol of faith, something that guides us along lesser-used trails. In the background, two women swing in a dance, having faith that each will hold the other up.

The Questions:

Where have you put your faith? Is it time to trust?

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