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Fear. Nightmare. Analysis paralysis.

Fear needs to be put in its proper place. When managed properly, it’s a warning that danger’s at hand, giving us time to adapt and react. But when it governs our thoughts, it causes us to make bad decisions. It steals our potential. Fear also makes us more malleable to being controlled, so it’s frequently used as a tool of manipulators and dark magicians. Fear moves us away from meaning.

If you find yourself stuck in fear or anxiety, take a beat to analyze where (or who) it’s coming from. Your fear may represent a legitimate concern, or it may be a spell of control. But fear is only an emotion, and it doesn’t have to rule us. We can overcome through faith, consciousness, or just lightening up.

The Symbols:

A woman floats through a nightmare world in a state of sleep paralysis. She’s frozen, paralyzed by fear. But this is only a nightmare. It isn’t real.

The Questions:

What decisions are you making (or not making) out of fear? How can you move past your fear?

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