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Gratitude. Recognition. Paying it forward.

If what we pay attention to expands, counting our blessings helps them grow. But there’s more to gratitude than that. Gratitude inoculates us against despair. It’s an antidote to resentment, the latter which is the path to mental and spiritual hell.

Gratitude isn’t, however, a random emotion. It’s a practice. So take time today to consider the good things in your life, from the roof over your head, to the birds outside, to the things and people that bring you joy.

The Symbols:

Hands over her heart in gratitude, a woman holds a chrysanthemum. A humming bird pauses to feed from it, pollinating the flower at the same time. Gratitude is a gift for everyone involved.

The Questions:

Are you able to receive others’ generosity with gratitude? What do you have to be grateful for? Can you be grateful for how far you’ve come?

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