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Acting without thinking. Going along with the crowd. Self-righteousness. Oversimplifying problems and solutions. Giving your power to others. Being blind to the truth.

It’s almost impossible to avoid ideology. We all have belief systems, and those systems are influenced by others. But when we catch ourselves disagreeing with someone on the “other team” just because they’re on the other team, or when we let an ideology do our thinking for us, it becomes a problem.

Another problem: there’s something deliciously enticing about the dark magic of ideology. It’s devilish. It’s easy. It promises all the answers. And there’s something comforting about outsourcing our critical thinking.

But it’s inherently destructive. Ideology deconstructs concepts like truth and beauty. What’s real and good becomes what the gurus and powerful say are real and good. This can disconnect us from that which lifts our souls.

Maybe that’s why ideology can become a modern-day substitute for religion. And when it does, it reduces individuals to faceless tribes and puts someone else in control of us. Odds are, that someone else doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

The Symbols:

A goat skull, reminiscent of the devil, is decorated with opium poppies, the drug of ideology. The woman wears a cake for a hat. Like ideology, cake is sweet and tempting and addictive. But ultimately, it’s not good for you, and neither is cake for brains. A hive mind of bees buzz around the cake.

The Questions:

What’s the alternative point of view on your situation? Have you oversimplified problems and possible solutions? What would happen if you changed your mind?

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