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Fantasy. Desire. Messages. Dreams. Nightmares.

“The Imagination is not a State: it is the Human Existence itself.” —William Blake

Imagination is a powerful tool. Practices such as guided visualization can help us build healthy habits and get clear on our goals. Dreams can provide messages from our subconscious and help us work through our problems and traumas. We can use dreams and imaginings to envision what’s possible.

But there’s a dark side to imagination as well. We can get lost in fantasy, obsess over what we think should be, and miss out on what is.

The Symbols:

Dreamlike images drift across this card. But two burning eyes are hidden at the bottom, because when we get lost in dreams, they can turn to nightmares.

The Questions:

What dreams have captured your imagination, and are they making you better, or keeping you stuck?

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