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Doyle Witch Wallpaper

Get witchy with wallpaper for your phone, in black & white or wine red!


Here's how:


Click the appropriate link below to download to your phone. Open the image on your mobile device, then save to your Camera Roll/Photos.


Android Users: Go to Settings and Wallpaper. Find and choose the option for lock screen in the top-left corner. Choose the wallpaper image you just saved, and you’re done!


iPhone Users: Go to Settings and find Wallpaper. Tap “Choose a new wallpaper.” Find the new wallpaper image, then tap “Set” and tap “set lock screen.”


B&W iPhone 5 

B&W iPhone 6

B&W iPhone 6+

B&W Android

Wine Red iPhone 5

Wine Red iPhone 6

Wine Red iPhone 6+

Wine Red Android

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