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Paranormal News This Week! 21 July 2017

paranormal news of the week

Whoo hoo! It's another week of the weird and paranormal!

1) Crocodile delivers human corpse to village at behest of local witch doctor. OR DID IT???

2) Sad and bizaare. Man convinced a witch had kidnapped his daughter and brought her to the dark side tries to set the woman's house on fire and fortunately fails. Yeah.

3) Charlaine Harris's Midnight Texas will hit NBS in less than a week! I'm VERY excited about this. (I'm one of those weird people who like it more than her Sookie Stackhouse series).

4) Reasons why people see ghosts, which have nothing to do with any actual ghosts. I once participated in a ghost investigation, and the folks I were with were convinced that EVERYTHING was a ghost. I'm more skeptical, but just because not everything's a ghost, doesn't mean they don't exist.

5) If you like haunts and hiking, here's a list of trails in Texas that have both.

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