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Paranormal News! 1 September 2017

Huzzah! It's another week of paranormal news, with witches and UFOs and more!

1) Is witchcraft going mainstream? Yes. Yes, it is, driven by the "spiritual industrial complex." That phrase alone makes this article worth reading. (And does going mainstream make witchiness less interesting?)

2) September 14th is the first annual Devil's Tower UFO Rendevous at... Devil's Tower. It's part convention, part festival, with scientific lectures and costume parades, because that's the way we do it in America, folks! Seriously, I love this stuff the way I love mashed potato sculptures. And I really love mashed potato sculptures. Especially with garlic and butter.

Mashed potato sculpture of Devil's Tower, from Close Encounters

3) The Shape of Water, a new movie by the director of the paranormal classic, Pan's Labyrinth, is coming this Fall! Check out the trailer, below.

5) How do you cope with owning a paranormal hotel? You embrace the weirdness, of course!

About the Author

Kirsten Weiss writes genre-blending cozy mystery, supernatural and steampunk suspense, mixing her experiences and imagination to create a vivid world of magic and mayhem. She co-teaches the Everyday Magic course, based on the magic of her Riga Hayworth series, on Teachable. If you’d like updates on sales and her latest books, follow her on Bookbub!

The Quiche and the Dead, Coming Halloween 2017

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