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Paranormal News! 3 November 2017

Paranormal News from The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum

The Halloween season is over, but the paranormal news keeps on coming. Though in fairness, this week we've got some leftover Halloween news. But anyway!

1) True (?) ghost stories from the writers at misterio press. You never can tell with writers...

2) The Star Trek universe might not be so off base when it comes to aliens. Scientists say they might look just like us.

5) There's a new survey out on American's belief in the paranormal, and... the results haven't changed much. Just over half of respondents believe in ghosts. Though a surprisingly high number believe in Atlantis.

About the Author

Maddie Kosloski is the fictional curator of the fictional San Benedetto Paranormal Museum. You can find her in The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum and Pressed to Death! Book three in the series, Deja Moo, is coming March, 2018.

Pressed to Death cozy mystery by Kirsten Weiss

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